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Antibiotic drugs act by inhibiting natural enzymes involved in the synthesis or degradation of bacterial products. This suppresses the production of pro-inflammatory molecules. This suppresses production of a toxic enzyme, the protein “methionine kinase”; this is thought to cause a range of symptoms including a decreased appetite. Producers use a wide range of combinations of antibiotics and/or other therapy in this setting. The goal of these drugs is to prevent, limit or treat the pathogenesis of inflammation,
For acute intestinal infection, therapy must be discontinued and, when necessary, antibiotics must be given. Therapy can be stopped or slowed in most diseases after diagnosis if certain factors (mood disturbance, diarrhea or gas, weight loss, etc.) are present.
It is thought that at least 40% of people with this condition die from it. However, there are significant gaps in knowledge and no definitive conclusions have been reached, due to difficulties in defining “intestines”.

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