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Metronidazole is currently used for most infectious diseases that affect adults. It was originally marketed as a novel antibiotic in 1999, and was approved for use in the United States in June 2004.
Since 2000 the manufacturer has developed a new formulation that was approved in September 2007, including a number of other newer and more selective ingredients. Metronidazole has a half-life of seven days, and is an FDA approved generic drug for the treatment of non-infectious infections in the US and Europe, Canada and Latin America.
Metronidazole is also the name given to two other formulations of the drug for the treatment of non-infectious infections in the United States,
In general, the following types of antibiotics produce beneficial or antiseptic properties:
Antimicrobial Therapy
Antimicrobial therapy does a number of things if it is effective against infections:
Antiviral Therapy (antibiotic therapy)
In addition to killing bacteria, a number of other ways are used when using antibiotics against infections. Injecting them is the most popular type of therapy. Some antibiotics are given orally. Other methods include the use of oral tablets to spray medicine into the digestive canal to dissolve bacteria, or the use of a needle attached to a syringe with an electrical charge.

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