67th Western Ontario Conference

Although we are not having our conference face to face for the safety and health of our attendees, the 67th Western Ontario Conference is proud to sponsor a 1 day
VIRTUAL Conference
"Zoom Into The 4th Dimension" on Saturday, October 24th, 2020.

ZOOM ID: 864 5319 1055
Password: welcome
Telephone Password: 788852

Contributions are gratefully accepted. You can etransfer your contribution to wocaainfo@gmail.com or use the contribution link above to pay by PayPal

Please see the list of speakers below and options to make a contribution to our one day event to offset our expenses. All extra funds will be contributed to our
General Service Office in New York. (GSO)

2020 Speakers

Opening Remarks 8:45AM
Donna C. 9:00AM
Newmarket, On
Saturday @ 9:00AM
Don B. 10:00AM
Airdrie, Alberta
Saturday @ 10:00AM
Jo-Anne L. 11:00AM
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Saturday @ 11AM
AA Open Discussion 12:00PM
AA Open Discussion Meeting
Saturday @ 12:00PM
AL-ANON – Judy M. 1:00PM
Collingwood, ON
Saturday @ 1:00PM
Misoon W. 2:00PM
Sarasota, Florida
Saturday @ 2:00PM
Murray O. 3:00PM
Toronto, Ontario
Saturday @ 3:00PM
Closing Remarks 4:00PM
Gudrun M., Chairperson, WOCAA
Saturday @ 4:00PM
Virtual Banquet 4:15PM
Open Discussion Meeting
Saturday @ 4:15PM

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67 Years of Gratitude!

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